Dr. Matt Scheele

Dr. Matt Scheele

DVM, Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Scheele has had an interest in radiology from a young age, spurred by his own broken bone mishaps as a child. 

“X-rays have always been fascinating to me. They can be a very important investigative tool, especially when your patients can’t talk! I love being able to use radiology to effectively diagnose and provide the appropriate care for my patients.”

Dr. Matt Scheele joined the AMC family as a full-time veterinarian in October 2021. He graduated from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine in 2016 (he was in the same class as Dr. Edwards). After graduation, he worked in a couple of different veterinary offices in western Missouri before moving to Michigan in 2019 so his lovely wife Alec could complete her pediatric residency. When they were ready to move back home, he noticed his fellow classmate was looking for another veterinarian to come on board and the rest is history!

Dr. Scheele loves spending time with his wife, Alec, and 2 kiddos, Oliver and Penelope. He also has 3 dogs (Apollo, Artemis & Demeter) and 2 cats (Freya & Odin) in his animal kingdom at home. When he is not working at the clinic, you can usually catch him reading a book or gaming. 

Fun fact: Prior to veterinary school, Dr. Scheele did a really cool internship in Canada on Salt Spring Island, where he rescued and rehabbed seals! He also worked at the World Bird Sanctuary prior to college, assisting with their education programs, rehabilitation efforts, field studies, and building projects.