Dr. Amber Riley


DVM, Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Riley is very passionate about nutrition and enjoys seeing the human-animal bond on a daily basis.

“I really like veterinary nutrition and talking about it with clients, as it is something that owners can feel 100% in control of. Picking from the millions of pet foods out there and choosing one that they can feed their pet every single day, I think that is really cool. I’m also excited to meet all of the clients! I love talking to clients and seeing the unique human-animal bond between clients and their pets  “

Dr. Amber Riley joined Animal Medical Center in late Spring 2019 as a full-time veterinarian. Dr. Riley grew up in St. Charles, MO and went to Duchesne High School before attending Illinois College, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology. She then attended the University of Missouri- College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated with her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in Spring 2019.

She currently resides in St. Charles, MO with her husband, Jake, her cats (Meem & Fleem) and angel dog named Karma. In her free time, Dr. Riley enjoys going to the movie theater, and watching Netflix and stand-up comedy with her cat. Fun facts: She is a huge Panic @ the Disco fan, is a self-professed “crazy cat mom” and has an identical twin!