Holiday Dangers for Pets

By Erin Quigley, DVM The holidays are a festive time of year, but many of the items we use to celebrate may cause harm to our pets. Be aware of these dangers in order to keep your holiday activities from being interrupted by a visit to the Animal Emergency Clinic. Decorations Ornaments and tinsel for…

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Pet Wellness Care: A Key to Overall Pet Health

Animal Medical Center of Wentzville provides pet wellness exams, including vaccinations for your dogs and cats. Regular wellness examinations are important to your pet’s health and allow us to develop a health profile for your pet. This information will help us identify medical problems in the early stages of development to ensure the widest variety…

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Pet Endocrinology Disorders

Many pet endocrinology disorders can be diagnosed and treated successfully. It all comes down to whether your veterinary-care team has taken the necessary steps to get your dog or cat back to its healthiest level. After a thorough exam, we can determine the underlying cause of your pet’s health concern. Our onsite laboratory enables us to conduct…

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