Travel Tips to Minimize Cat Stress

You won’t believe how much easier it is to take your cat to the Vet Planning is Key 3-4 days before appointment, bring out the carrier so the cat can familiarize itself Best carriers are hard sided with multiple points of entry; top entry is also helpful Do not put more than one cat into…

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Why Indoor Cats Need Yearly Check-ups

Cats are masters at hiding disease. It’s critical to detect and treat debilitating diseases early before it becomes serious or life threatening. Common diseases that afflict our feline friends: Dental disease Obesity Diabetes Heart disease Hyperthyroidism Hypertension/ High blood pressure Kidney disease Fatty liver disease Urinary tract: infections, crystals, and stones Allergies Cancer Arthritis Our…

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Why Are You Hiding Your Cat?

by Erin Quigley, DVM I can’t count the times where I have been treating a pet parent’s dog for an extended period of time and then out of the blue I find out they have a cat. What? Why has this not come up before? Are you ashamed of this family member? When I try…

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