Senior Pet Wellness Screening: Detect Issues Early


Senior pet internal wellness screening detects issues early and helps slow the aging process.

Your pet can appear 100% healthy, even on a physical exam. However, as your pet ages, internal processes may begin to slow or become abnormal in function. Help us keep your pet healthy for years to come.

Benefits of senior wellness screening:

  • Create a baseline record for future comparison in case of illness
  • Monitor your pet’s tolerance level of common long-term medications (like arthritis and seizure medications)
  • Detect Diabetes early so treatment can begin before it’s an emergency
  • Detect early changes of kidney or liver function to make immediate changes to slow down disease

Other tips for senior pets:

  • Change diet to a senior formula with antioxidants, lower fat, glucosamine/fish oils, and electrolytes to protect the kidneys.
  • Keep older dogs with arthritis comfortable with supplements like Dasuquin and Omegas/Fish oils. If necessary, the doctor can also prescribe anti-inflammatories.
  • Weight management and exercise go a long way to keep your dog moving longer.